Summer Perennials


Maltese Cross Lychnis Chalcedonica

Maltese Cross – Lychnis Chalcedonica Cross (Lychnis Chalcedonica) is an International traveler across the colder sections of the Northern Hemisphere, but sadly, is a relatively unknown perennial. Maltese Cross is one of those rare perennials who not only enjoy cold climates but...


Hollyhock – Alcea

A Hollyhock Garden is a Fairy Paradise Alcea, or Hollyhock is traditionally considered a nostalgic cottage garden perennial but in the high-valley western gardens they are considered a staple. Once these tall hardy biennials drop seeds, they will...

Russian sage

Russian Sage – (Perovskia)

Russian Sage or Perovskia Atriplicifolia The value of the majestic Russian Sage in the fall garden is underestimated. Many gardeners shrugged their shoulders in an “oh well” attitude about the beauty of this fine perennial and only tried...