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Rock Cress – Aubrieta: No One Can Spell it But Anyone Can Grow It

rock cress aubrieta spring garden

The rich purple of Rock Cress with its tiny four-petaled flowers bloom in such a tight mass of dazzling color any spring garden would lack luster without this stunning perennial. Often known by its common name, Aubrieta, this lovely spring perennial should be on your “must have” list. Gardeners in the Rocky Mountains (with the exception of Utah where it is very popular) have not taken to Rock Cress yet, despite its high status of being in the tough, hardy Alpine family. Aubrietia’s origins are the Mediterranean regions. These regions have similar soil and climate challenges as western gardens. This powerful perennial prefers a sunny location in a cooler climate and is...

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Alpine Perennials – The Perfect Rock Garden Companion

alpine perennial garden

Add a Carpet of Color to Your Rock Garden With Alpine Perennials Alpine perennials are those small tough plants that thrive in the harsh environments of a Rocky Mountain home. They perform in the lean, alkaline clay soils, high desert aridness, bitter winters, and the hungry wildlife of western gardens. Alpines grow naturally short with deep roots to preserve their energy even through a drought situation. Alpines are very self-sustainable, requiring little care plus they provide a tightly knit weed barrier in a garden. There is a satisfying correctness when Alpines are planted in rock gardens because they go together and seem made for each other. The plants stay small...