Corydalis lutea: Long-Blooming Perennial Plant

corydalis lutea blossoms

Corydalis  (pronounced kor-ID-ah-liss) starts blooming in May with the late spring-blooming Tulips and is still blooming with fall’s Asters. The best part is that this plant never requires deadheading to keep the flowering show going strong, so it is considered the longest of the long-blooming Perennials. Corydalis lutea or Yellow Corydalis blooms are so interesting with their flared, spur-like tubes of brilliant yellow that it doesn’t matter that they are only an inch or so long. They do a grand job at lighting up a shady garden spot despite their size. Corydalis only appears to be delicate. In fact, it is a tough, undemanding, maintenance free, partial shade plant that looks delightful...