Peony – Paeonia: A Royal Addition to your Perennial Garden

Peony 'Rubra Plena'

Above: Peony ‘Rubra Plena,’ an early-booming variety. Photo courtesy Walters Gardens Peonies with their long-lived, refined excellence are a royal tradition in every garden and wear this crown proudly. Peonies have been giving pleasure as far back as ancient botanic records go. Many Peony varieties are natives of Western North America which give them a preference to our climate, for they thrive in cooler climates where they will receive a long winter chill. The three most popular varieties, early blooming, mid-season blooming, and late-blooming Peonies are somewhat different but are still the beloved Peony. Take a quick look at these three varieties: Early-Blooming Peonies Paeonia officinalis, ‘Rubra Plena’ (pictured above)...

Tulips – Hope and Trust in the Future of Spring

commercial mass planting of tulips

Fall planting of Tulips is a live-message of hope and trust in the future of spring so kudos to tulips for they keep us optimistic. Tulips with their intricate flowers that bloom in a full spectrum of colors (even a purple so dark it looks black) are loved by gardeners. Blessed are we who live in the northern hemisphere for tulips will not bloom in the warmer, southern gardens unless they are grown in a refrigerator. Tulips also prefer alkaline soils like soil around rocks,and their flowers are known to change colors when grown in acidic soils. Western gardens have exactly what tulips need, cold winters, up to ten-weeks for...