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Goatsbeard – Aruncus or Salsify: Two Plants With The Same Name

Goatsbeard. Learn how to distinguish between two plants with the same name but very different characteristics. Goatsbeard – The Perennial The desirable perennial plant, Aruncus, also known by its common name, goatsbeard, wears two hats. One is a tall Aruncus dioicus with lovely creamy white plumes on strong-stemmed five-foot tall foliage. The tall aruncus adds a shrub-like architectural structure to a partial shade garden. So many gardeners are not aware of the excellence of Aruncus or Goatsbeard for it’s a hardy zone-two perennial that appreciates the rigors of cold climates.  Goatsbeard is so trouble-free that it performs as a shrub that goes dormant or underground in winter so it never needs...