flowers that will live for many years


Long-Lived Perennials: Grandfathers of the Garden

long lived peony perennial

The word “perennial” suggests something that lasts forever. If you were looking for a synonym, you’d choose a word like “enduring” “everlasting” or “eternal.” But not all perennials are long-lived perennials. In fact, the dictionary definition of the word suggests that any plant that lives for more than two years qualifies as a perennial. For a perennial gardener, however, two years–no matter how beautiful the flower and the plant–is never long enough. Here are some of my favorite long-lived perennials. I call them Grandfathers of the Garden. Take good care of them and they may outlast you! Long-Lived Perennials: Paeonia or Peonies have an astonishing long life–even more than a hundred...