helen’s flower


Helenium – Helen’s Flower: A Royal Beauty Fit For a Queen

helenium helen's flower

Helenium (hel-EE-nee-um) or Helen’s Flower is the namesake of a royal queen, and when you see how beautiful this flower is, you’ll understand why. The intricate golden banding that surrounds the dark edges of Helenium’s center disk resembles the golden headdress and armbands worn by the women of Hellenistic ancient Greece.  Thus the common name, Helen’s Flower. Indeed, Helen of Troy herself would have found this royal display of color and beauty worthy of her name. Helenium, the Late-Bloomer Helenium could be called a late bloomer in more ways than one. First, it blooms late-season and second, it is nondescript until its blooms turn it into a raging beauty. Helenium’s job in...