New Perennials Book – Pre-Order Your Copy Now!

Perennials: Thriving Flower Gardens in Every Kind of Light

Nedra Secrist’s second book on gardening with perennials is going to hit bookstore shelves next spring, and you can be among the first to receive a copy! Pre-order your copy of this beautiful new book that will feature Nedra’s time-tested tips for how to master the use of light in your yard to create stunning gardens that will delight all season long. To get you excited, here’s a sneak peek at the new cover: Learn to work with the light in your yard to create gorgeous displays for shady spots or take advantage of the hot afternoon sun. Master gardener Nedra Secrist will teach you how to pick the right...

Columbine – Aquilegia – Queen of the Rocky Mountain Garden

columbine - blue bird

Columbine, ‘Bluebird’ image courtesy Walter’s Gardens. Aquilegia or Columbine – Spring-Blooming Cut Flower Favorite Someone has said that “a flowerless yard in spring is a yard without a soul; but even one living flower in a solitary corner may redeem it.” If you have to choose one solitary flower, a Columbine (Aquilegia) might be a good flower to choose. Columbines grow wild in the Mountain areas of the Rocky Mountains so it has the zone-three native toughness of survivors. The extraordinary look of Columbine’s cup and spur flowers make it a favorite among gardeners. The long spurs also make it a favorite among hummingbirds for the spurs are full of...