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Evening Primrose (Orneothera Missouriensis) – Garden Magic for Children

evening primrose - oenothera missouriensis

Enjoy an Evening of Wonder – The Evening Primrose   Oenothera or Evening Primroses are easy to grow perennials for summer rock gardens, borders, along cement curbing, and wildflower gardens.   Oenothera’s funnel-shaped, four-inch wide flowers are spectacular.  Last summer my good gardening friend Merrilee stopped her old truck with a screech in my driveway. She jumped out of her truck waving her phone around and told me I had to watch this for there is no way I would believe what she had just filmed.  Curious, I joined her to look at her phone and as we watched her Evening Primrose start to open its delectable petals. We were mesmerized as...

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